The Bankside Neighbourhood Plan


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Bankside's Past in the Present: a neighbourhood in change
Join the Bankside Neighbourhood Forum for this engaging exhibition curated by local residents of Bankside's past, present and future

The exhibition, which runs from Wednesday 31 May to Monday, 4June, showcases over 60 vivid digital drawings by artist Adrian Chappell and historical images curated by photographer (and Bankside resident) George Nicholson. The images and storylines are derived from Bankside’s changing industrial landscapes, dating from the late 18th century to the present day. Innovations in power generation technologies (steam, gas, hydraulics and electricity) played an important role in Bankside’s economic and social development until the 1980s. Several images depict the original Bankside power station and adjoining neighbourhood in the late 19th century as well as the stories of key individuals involved in shaping Bankside today.

The exhibition, convened by the Bankside Neighbourhood Forum, features a section entitled "Bankside Today" covering the work and projects currently being planned by Bankside organisations, as well as setting out the key policy areas contained in the new neighbourhood plan.