The Bankside Neighbourhood Plan


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Built environment, open spaces and public realm
How can we ensure that future developments in Bankside integrate with and enhance the existing built environment, and network of streets and open spaces?

In a neighbourhood that is home to some 6,000 residents, over 60,000 local workers and over 10,000,000 visitors annually the network of streets and green spaces in Bankside are under a lot of pressure.  As new development comes on stream these pressures are likely to grow.  The Bankside Neighbourhood Forum is keen to see that future developments positively help address this issue through ensuring that we don't lose green spaces, and that new green spaces that are delivered as part of developments meet the highest standards.

We've tasked our Neighbourhood Forum members with scoping out a series of issues that the neighbourhood plan might address. 

FInd out more about what spaces in Bankside the Neighbourhood Forum would like to designate as Local Green Spaces and Local Open Spaces (to follow 2016).

Find out more about the draft scoping report for the role of the built environment, public realm and design within the Bankside Neighbourhood Plan (2012).