The Bankside Neighbourhood Plan


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Heritage and Archaeology
The Neighbourhood Plan needs to ensure that future development does not compromise Bankside's rich built and archaeological heritage.

Over the past couple of years, we've had the opportuntiy to speak with many different stakeholders in Bankside, from local residents, to business owners and developers - learning about what they value about Bankside.  One thing that is clear from these conversations is how Bankside's rich history and heritage shapes and informs how people experience Bankside today.  The Bankside Neighbourhood Forum is keen to ensure that development that comes forward in the future respects and complements Bankside's heritage.  

Read more about how the Bankside Neighbourhood Plan is responding to the challenge of ensuring that future developments protect local heritage and archaeology.

Download the draft scoping report here.

Download a summary overview report here.

Download a map of key opporunity sites here (.pdf 6mb).