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New Year news from Bankside Neighbourhood Forum
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After a busy end to 2013, Bankside Neighbourhood Forum gets closer to finalising its Pre-submission Draft Neighbourhood Plan

It’s been a few months since we last posted an update on activities in Bankside area.  We’ve had a busy and productive time since our last Bankside Neighbourhood Forum meeting in September.  It was agreed at that meeting that the Neighbourhood Forum would work in focus groups and try and progress the thinking and wording of the emerging policy areas for the Bankside Neighbourhood Plan.

Throughout the last few months of 2013, we worked closely with our liaison officer from Planning Aid England (big thanks to Locality and DCLG for enabling this) to develop our policy aspirations into a coherent set of draft policies.  The aim is to add further detail that is relevant to our neighbourhood in Bankside, to the existing and more general Borough, London and National planning policies.

The challenge for the working groups was to look at where the gaps and opportunities relevant to Bankside’s neighbourhood are in existing plans and policies, and start to explore how new policies could be worded to help address some of these gaps, or to strengthen existing policies where more of a local focus was beneficial.

Working through all the higher tier policies, and identifying where the Bankside Neighbourhood Plan could make a positive difference to the determination of planning applications has been a thorough process, and has really helped to refine the thinking of the Forum in relation to draft policies. 

Examples of policies that are beginning to emerge include identifying sites locally where ‘genuinely affordable housing’ could be delivered, policies recognising the value of existing green spaces around housing land, policies on ensuring that a mix of business space is delivered in new developments, and ensuring that the special mix of housing, business, culture and heritage is balanced in future developments.

Parallel to all of our focus group sessions on the different policy themes, we also undertook an extensive community consultation to make sure that the emerging policies related to what local residents and businesses were telling us is important to them.  You can read the full report of these consultations on our website.

Don’t worry if you didn't have the chance to have your say in our consultation to date, you can still get in involved more actively by contacting us at

Our next steps are really to start to take these emerging policies out to a wider constituency of residents, businesses and landowners/developers to see how they stack up in the context of a dynamic development environment, and then pull together the Pre-submission Draft of the Bankside Neighbourhood Plan in the spring.