The Bankside Neighbourhood Plan


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We need your views - help shape Bankside Neighbourhood Plan!
We've had a busy couple of months with our We Are Bankside roadshows, but we still want your views to help shape Bankside Neighbourhood Plan

Since mid-August we've been out and about with our We Are Bankside roadshow - a travelling exhibition which has been speaking with lots of people in Bankside, capturing their views on important issues that are relevant to the emerging Bankside Neighbourhood Plan.  The Government's Localism Act now gives us all the chance to influence how our neighbourhood develops in the future through the development of a neighbourhood plan, and all residents and businesses will get to vote on it next year. 

The group of local residents, businesses and local groups that have come together to form the Bankside Neighbourhood Forum have started to think about what a neighbourhood plan for Bankside might say, making sure that what we think is special now, stays special.  It's now your chance to help shape the neighbourhood for the better.  If you haven't alreardy - please do take a few minutes to let us know your views on some key issues that impact on the future of our neighbourhood.

Click here to go to the We Are Bankside survey (hosted by survey monkey).  The closing date for comments is 1st November.  We look forward to hearing from you!